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Sabbath Time

The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. -Mark 2:27

Do you take a Sabbath? A day doing things you enjoy? Maybe just a few hours is all you can do.

If you answered no, then why not? We were not made for non-stop lives. We were made to stop, pause, and take some time for ourselves. God gifted us the Sabbath, so why are you rejecting it?

You may be thinking, “I am way too busy, I don’t have time for the Sabbath.” A Sabbath doesn’t have to be a full 24-hour period of time. It could be waking up an hour early to have some you time. Maybe it’s staying up an hour later. Any period of time you take for you is a Sabbath.

Another reason many don’t take a sabbath is because they feel selfish. Please don’t. See it as excepting a gift from God. If man were made for a sabbath maybe I could see feeling selfish, but the sabbath was made for man. God made the Sabbath for you!

So, next time you feel caught up in the business of life, an anxious period of time, or a stressful week, stop. Take a moment for you. Pick up that magazine that’s been sitting around for months. Eat a meal outside. Lay on the floor and just breathe. Whatever it may be, take the time for you. You will be glad you did!

A Sabbath Prayer:

Lord, the sabbath was made for man. It is a great gift that we usually reject. Please help me accept the gift of the Sabbath in my life Lord. Help me take time for me, so I can be better in my relationship with You and with others. Thank you for the Sabbath Lord. Amen.

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Jesus Gets It

Last week we read about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. We are going to stick with Jesus this week also.

Jesus dying for us on the cross is amazing enough right? Well, it gets better. Jesus resurrected from the dead. Jesus suffers anxiety just like us. He knows our pain. He walked the earth just like us.

Therefore, when we feel we have no one to go to, we have the best person to go to. Take it to Jesus. Please note I am not saying to pray and it will all go away. I am saying that Jesus understands when no one else does. Jesus listens when no one else is around. Jesus loves you when it feels like no one else does.

Jesus doesn’t want to see us suffering. In a perfect world, there would be no suffering. However, we live in a fallen world where even Jesus suffered. Jesus suffered to save the world. Are we suffering just to suffer, or are we suffering to save someone else?

How has your suffering helped another person whom was suffering?

Blessings on your week! ❤️

© 2018 Kiersten Smeal